Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is a new medical approach that combines the best of conventional medicine with the benefits of non-conventional therapies. However, integrative medicine is not just the sum of these, it is a new vision of health and the patient: it considers the person in their fullness, reaffirming the trust relationship and commitment between the patient and the health professional. On an integrative approach is essential to take into account the individuality of every human being. The main objective is to achieve an optimal state of health and vitality. For that matter, Dr. Diogo Amorim elaborated a Health Integrative Medicine Wheel, based on the structures used by reference centers in integrative medicine, such as: Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Duke Integrative Medicine, and the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. Its presentation follows bellow.

The green circle (outer circle) represents the direct intervention of health professionals through Conventional and Non-conventional Treatments and Preventive Medicine. It refers to the diagnosis and treatment in a comprehensive approach. The blue circle represents the direct participation of the patient through strategies to improve or maintain their health. However, health professionals also have a key role in this area, instructing and guiding the patient. The white center of the Health Wheel represents the self-awareness of the patient. The consciousness he has of himself, of his body, mind and spirit. Awareness of his health, thoughts and emotions. It’s this awareness that allows him to hear the “buzz before the scream”, that is, hear the first symptoms of his body before the manifestation of the disease.

Interpersonal Relationship

Man is by nature a relational being. Positive relationships are of great importance to our psychic and emotional balance. One of the typical signs of depression is isolation. Building supporting relationships is key to an excellent state of health and to help in the recovery of many diseases. Do you have people that support and help you? Are you aware of the quality of your relationships? These issues are essential to an understanding of the kind of energy you receive from the people surrounding you and for your well-being.

Personal Development and Spirituality

All human beings are spiritual beings, which does not necessarily imply they profess a religion. Spirituality may result not only from religion, faith and prayer, but also from meditation, compassion, love, forgiveness, nature, the arts, and all the experiences that allow the transcendence of the human being. The research carried out by doctor Lewis Terman, from Stanford University, in California, which for decades has followed 1500 children, concluded that faith and religion influence longevity. Do you feel accomplished? What motivates you? Can you define a purpose in life? It is of vital importance that you know yourself in order to channel the strength to face your health challenges.


The connection between body and mind is essential for the human being to find balance and healing. Our state of mind and the perception of events directly influence the process and the body’s ability of reaction to stress. To hear the subtle message of our body is the first step to maintain an optimal state of health. Our thoughts and emotions can lead us to illness or cure. Are you aware of your thoughts and emotions? Through meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation it is possible to stimulate the body’s defenses and reduce physical and mental tension. Cultivate that harmony between body and mind to protect your health.

Exercise and Movement

The human body is designed for action. The body movement is present in life, even before birth. The lack of exercise is directly related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, among others. Just thirty minutes of daily exercise can significantly improve your health and quality of life. There is an urgent need to relearn how to take advantage of the movement of the body. Start with small exercises and progressive goals.

Occupation and Leisure

The human being has the need to participate in activities which enable him to exercise his creative and intellectual capacity, whether at work or leisure. Having an occupation stimulates physical and mental activity. In addition, some of these activities, when performed in group, help combat isolation and establish relations of social cooperation. There must be a balance between moments of leisure and occupation in order to constitute themselves as axes of personal fulfillment. Look for an occupation or hobby that completes you, enabling to express yourself and make you feel accomplished.

Sleep and Rest

The importance of sleep refers to the need for rest, but not only that, because during sleep several metabolic processes occur, responsible for maintaining the body in balance. For this reason, a peaceful sleep is essential for the body and mind to manifest in the fullness of their ability. Insomnia and the irregularity of rest often lead to irritability, dispersion and depression. How many hours on average do you sleep per night? Do you have a quality sleep? Try that the hours of rest be regular and in a comfortable environment conducive to tranquility.


A healthy body and mind depend to a large extent on a suitable diet. On the other hand, the very origin of food, its preparation and the amount ingested are crucial for a balanced meal. Obesity, on the other hand, becomes a scourge more and more frequent and has a huge negative impact on the health and quality of life. Choose a balanced diet adapted to your lifestyle. Listen to the needs of your body and eat consciously.


The man is a part of nature, therefore, he needs a healthy environment to have a healthy life. The environment that surrounds us directly influences our health and well-being. Noise and environment pollution, inside or outside the house, can cause stress, insomnia and loss of hearing. Scientific research suggests that health can also be affected by light, color, smells and noises. Look for a peaceful environment for work and rest and eliminate toxic or negative aspects.

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