Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses various techniques that supplement the acupuncture treatment, including acupuncture, chinese herbs, moxibustion, fire cupping therapy, auricular therapy, dietetics, and chi kung (qigong).


Chinese Herbs

We recommend the follow-up by a specialized professional, once the herbal medicine like any other medication has its side effects and drug interactions.



It consists of the combustion of an herb (Artemisia) close to the energy points located on the acupuncture meridians. The application of heat produced by Moxa removes energy blocks that obstruct the flow through the meridians, eliminating the humidity and cold which promote body dysfunctions. It is indicated for various diseases, such as arthritis, arthrosis, fibromyalgia and lower back pain.


Cupping therapy

Consists of the application of suction cups with vacuum in order to stimulate the circulation of energy Yin/Yang. The suction power exercised over the tissues has the peculiarity of stimulating them and, above all, drain the blood fluid, eliminating toxins and freeing it of impurities, unlocking the stagnant energy in points and meridians. The cupping therapy can be used for a wide variety of issues, and to stimulate the circulation of vital energy, combat blood stagnation and relieve muscle pain. This is a non-invasive, painless method, easy to apply and, above all, effective.



It is a technique of diagnosis and treatment based on the pinna (ear). This is a very important part of the human body, as it is a micro system, able to act as a receiver of signals of high specificity, that may reflect all the physiological changes of organs, limbs, trunk, fabrics, etc.


Chinese Dietary

Prescription of adequate food for each patient depending on their clinical framework of traditional Chinese medicine.



Chi Kung (QiQong) Therapeutic

Qigong is the art of developing the vital energy, in order to stimulate and strengthen the natural flow of energy in the human body, in order to benefit health, vitality, the mind and the spirit. It is the skill that allows you to cultivate mind and body through exercises, which harmoniously integrates three fundamental aspects: body, mind and breath.

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